barterfli manages a unique e-commerce ecosystem which
connects authenticated business communities in the
region to interact, trade and conduct e-commerce.

Press Release : The New ASEAN-Japan bconnect service offered by barterfli and Diixi

What We Do

barterfli manages a unique e-commerce ecosystem which brings together a network of trade associations, thus enabling verifiable business communities to:

  • interact seamlessly
  • trade more transparently and
  • leverage on easy-to-use trade resources

We help trade associations:

  • strengthen their online presence
  • access a network of other partnering associations and
  • support their members, predominantly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to become e-commerce enabled

The interaction and trading activities of these trade association members are ”supported and facilitated” by services offered by barterfli and partnering 3rd party service providers.

These ancillary services aim to:

  • mitigate risk related to e-commerce
  • improve productivity of SMEs and their access to trading resources

As a nurturing cocoon, barterfli aims to support an SME community of over 5.5 million by 2016 to unleash their formidable export potential, creating an economic butterfly effect. With more than 44 million formally registered SMEs globally, of which about 65-70% are located in emerging markets such as South East Asia, barterfli will play a key role in the growth of this dynamic business segment and reap positive economic benefits as a result.

Invitation to Regional Trade Associations
Through our online resources/support and access to authenticated
business communities, barterfli helps regional trade associations to:
  • Champion Business Interest
  • Provide Value Added Services
  • Generate Additional Revenue
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